8′ Telescoping wheelchair ramps

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The 8 foot telescoping wheelchair ramp is one of the most compact and infinitely adjustable ramp on the market! These aluminum ramps sets up easily onto steps, side or back of vans, porches, curbs & more. Weighing in at only 21 pounds each, these track ramps can be held at your side with an integrated/adjustable carrying handle in a small 44″ long by 10″ wide compact package. The aluminum frame will never corrode or rust like other wheelchair ramps and doesn’t need any assembly. The 9″ wide track is easy to adjust to the specific height and application you need and has a maximum of 6.5″ usable width. Grip tape surface on the track gives your wheels extra traction and even helps with wet conditions. Attach the ramps to your mounting surface with the 4″ attaching lip with a ribbed rubber padding that prevents scratches and scuffs and keeps the ramp from slipping.


  • Unit weight: 21-lbs per ramp
  • Usable length: 3.5’ – 8’ (42’’ – 96’’)
  • Inside (usable) width: 7.5’’
  • Weight limit: 600-lbs (300-lbs each ramp)
  • ***Recommended for Manual Wheelchairs. Not recommended for some 6 wheel power chairs or any 3 wheel scooters. Make sure to measure your chair to confirm it has at least 2.5″ of ground clearance and the front and rear wheels will fit in a 7″ wide channel before ordering***


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Did you know?
Wheelchairs and other orthopedic devices are exempt from GST and T.V.Q.

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