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EZ Lite Cruiser – Lightweight Power Chair

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EZ Lite Cruiser is leading the revolution in personal mobility. Please watch the corporate video here.

The EZ Lite Cruiser is extremely convenient due to its compact size and ability to be transported in just about any vehicle: a Car, Truck or SUV.  It is also extremely convenient to take on an Train, Bus, Cruise Ship or Airplane.

  • Weighs Only 50 Pounds WITH the Battery
  • No Need to Install a Lift on your Car or SUV
  • Small Turning Radius of Only 29.5 inches
  • Uses a Lithium Ion Battery – No Memory Effect
  • Less Expensive than Older model Electric Wheelchair

The EZ Lite Cruiser can go just about anywhere – Indoors or Outdoors. Because of it’s tight turning radius of only 29.5 inches, it can easily handle movement indoors in even the smallest spaces.  With it’s durable 7″ front caster wheels, and 8″ rear wheels, it can easily handle all of the outdoor areas you wish to go.  It can even tread through grassy areas — great for getting to that family picnic!

The EZ Lite Cruiser is composed of a lightweight aluminum alloy that is extremely durable and can handle passengers weighing up to 264 pounds.  Once you sit on the EZ Lite Cruiser, you will know that it is safe, secure, and reliable — we guarantee it — because it has been put through rigorous testing to ensure its quality.  The EZ Lite Cruiser comes with a 2 Year Warranty on the Frame, Motor and Battery, and a 1 Year Warranty on the Joystick and Control system.

Getting around on the EZ Lite Cruiser is not only safe, but enjoyable, and we know you will enjoy your first and every single ride on it.  It will allow you to do the things you’ve been missing out on due to a mobility issue.

Don’t wait any longer to restore your mobility – get an EZ Lite Cruiser today and join the personal mobility revolution.



Imperial Units

Metric Units

Device Weight (with battery)

50.7 pounds

23 kg

Max Capacity

264.5 pounds

120 kg

Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H)

31.5 inches x 22.4 inches x 33.1 inches

80 cm x 57 cm x 84 cm

Folded Dimensions (L x W x H)

28.5 inches x 22.4 inches x 12.25 inches

72.4 cm x 56.9 cm x 31.1 cm

Seat Dimensions (L x W)

16.75 inches x 15.25 inches

42.5 cm x 38.7 cm

Seating Height (from ground)

20 inches

50.8 cm

Arm Rest Height (from ground)

28.25 inches

71.75 cm

Turning Radius

29.5 inches

75 cm

Maximum Speed

5 miles per hour

8 km per hour

Distance on Full Battery

12.5 miles

20 km

Ground Clearance

3.9 inches

10 cm

Front Wheels (diameter x width)

7 inches x 1.5 inches

17.8 cm x 3.8 cm

Rear Wheels (diameter x width)

8 inches x 2 inches

20.3 cm x 5.1 cm

Incline Capability 20° (12% slope)
Wheel Material A mix of Polyurethane and Rubber (for smoother ride/shock absorption)
Motor Type Brush-less Motor, 24V DC, 180Wx2 Power Rating
Battery Lithium Ion Phosphate, 10Ah (Ampere hour) Capacity, 24V DC Output
Charger Input: AC 100V-240V~1.8A Max 47Hz-63Hz, Output: DC 29.2V – 2A
Brake Type Electromagnetic Brakes



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Did you know?
Wheelchairs and other orthopedic devices are exempt from GST and T.V.Q.

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